Pregnancy Fitness

The period of pregnancy in a woman’s life is so special, and it is a privilege for me to be able to support my pregnant clients throughout it. I’ll help as you adapt and thrive whilst growing human life!

I offer 1:1 and 2:1  pregnancy training sessions at my Pear Projects Studio. Theses sessions will all start with a thorough pre-screening so I know exactly how your pregnancy is progressing and where you’re body is at. I keep the session length to 30 or 45 minutes so as to get in a decent workout in without exhausting you. We can bespoke each session, working to keep you strong, fit and connected to your body, but also pain, ache free and mobile. We can start sessions after your first trimester is over right up until you are due to give birth. I use functional exercise with the aim of keeping ‘mummy movement patterns’ always in mind. You can bring older children with you but pregnancy is a tough time and I suggest you try and find childcare for your sessions if you can, simply so you can enjoy a bit of time to focus on yourself and bump. 

The sessions will provide the following;

Keep and maintain your fitness whilst working out in a safe and productive manor.

Preparing your body for the massive event of giving birth!

Help to work against ‘detrimental’ postural changes that often occur to the body during pregnancy.

Helping to set the body up for the post natal period.

Keeping the core and pelvic floor as strong and connected as possible.

Helping you to feel confident during a time when your image is not completely in your control!

Help to boost you energy and stretch out your busy body!

Providing a supportive and friendly environment in which to work up a good sweat whilst knowing that you and your baby are safe.

Want some sessions?

Where: Pear Projects Studio or your house (the cost is higher for a home visit).

Price for 30 min sessions:  

4 Sessions – £90

6 Sessions – £135

8 sessions – £180

10 sessions – £225

12 sessions  £270

Price for 45 min sessions:

4 Sessions – £134

6 Sessions – £201

8 Sessions – £264

10 Sessions – £335

12 Sessions – £402

To Book: Simply complete the pre-screening form here. Once I have checked it thoroughly I will contact you for payment and to book!
If you would like to have the sessions at your house please contact me directly for a quote on cost and travel. Sadly no refunds can be given so make sure you are able to complete the sessions prior to booking your place. In the case of having to cancel a 1:1 session you must notify me with 24 hours notice, thereafter the session will be deemed as a ‘late cancel’ and used, if you can let me know within this time frame the session can be rescheduled. Your sessions expire after 90 days. If you give birth prior to using up your sessions and they are still within their expiry date you can use them against a post natal consultation and Post Natal sessions.