Happy Clients

Please find a small selection of testimonials from past and present clients.


‘I have been working with Sarah for almost three years. I started when recovering from my second c-section and now see her on a regular personal training basis. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are fantastic. She is always happy to focus on my areas of concern and push me harder when I need it! I can’t recommend her enough.’

Sarah mum of 2 boys

‘I was recommended to Sarah by a friend who had achieved great results with Pear Projects. I was excited to train in a private space rather than a gym, doing 1:1 sessions for 30 minutes. I’ve not come across many places where you are offered personal training for 30 minutes and this really appealed to me, as when I started training I wasn’t very confident and thought the idea of training for 1 hour at a high intensity was very intimidating.

I’ve been seeing Sarah now for nearly a year and I have enjoyed power plate sessions and pregnancy fitness sessions with her during this time. I’ve found it very easy to open-up to her and discuss intimate issues I have had with fertility and weight gain. Sarah’s passion and knowledge about women’s health and wellness has impressed me and educated myself in these important areas of well-being.

What I love about working with Sarah is that she is always motivating me to do my best by cheering me on and she also watches me closely, giving me detailed feedback about how to improve my technique. Our sessions are fun, varied and full of ideas for work-outs and stretches I can practice in my own time too.

A brilliant service Sarah provides is a text confirmation every Sunday to remind you of your booked sessions, so that you can confirm or amend these if need be. She is incredibly understanding and finds no problem in re-scheduling with you if something comes up and you need to cancel a training session.

I’ve achieved great results through her coaching: my energy levels are up, I am much fitter than when I started and I feel stronger and healthier than I did before. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who wants to get fit and look forward to their training sessions each week!’

Krista, Berkhamsted