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Power Plate® Training for ALL women!
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A summary by Power Plate® UK

‘More than 180 research studies have been conducted on whole body vibration, nearly 40 of which are specifically on Power Plate.
Power Plate equipment is precisely engineered to apply the science behind the body’s natural response to destabilization. The platform uses a patented harmonic, consistent, safe and controlled level of vibration that moves in three directions (up-down, front-back, and side-side).
Rapid, precise, and predictable reflexive activation prepares our body for dynamic activities at a subconscious level through our proprioceptors, improving functional performance, gait and locomotion, balance, range of motion, circulation, and stability.
The platforms vibrate between 25-50 times per second, resulting in corresponding muscle activation. What does that mean…Performing an exercise at 30Hz for 30 seconds, for example, can provoke up to 900 muscle actions.

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Power Plate® sessions provided at my Pear Projects Studio are there for any woman after a fast and effective workout. It can be a mixture of fast moving, high intensity, tough yet exhilarating workouts combined with, or all about, stretching and mobilising. These whole body workouts last only 30 or 45 minutes in length and are designed to get in a great but quick workout session. Make your workout work for you!

I offer sessions for all abilities including the post natal and beyond woman (see blow for more). 

How does it work?

Power Plates® have a platform that oscillates (moves in every direction) thus making us, when in contact with the platform, physically leave it and ‘slam’ down into it – this is the vibration effect we feel. It sounds extreme but it isn’t. This movement in turn encourages the muscles of the body to respond by contracting, to protect us from the impact which we feel as buzzing – it is this simple action that helps to gain such great results. We don’t simply stand on the platform waiting for it to do some magic… we are the magic and work hard with your goals in mind using conventional exercises just utilising that wonderful Power Plate® technology. The technology used by Power Plate® has been around since 1960’s and was used to assist astronauts recover muscle mass loss after the conditions of being in space or in anti gravity training. It is now used world wide by athletes, celebrities and within the fitness and physiotherapy industries.

The proven benefits are the greatest selling point for the Power Plate®

Reducing body fat by the speeding up of metabolism.

Increase of muscle tone and strength – this is the one I see the quickest in my clients.

Flexibility and an increase in stability and balance along with range of movement.

Power Plate® argue it reduces the appearance of cellulite via the vibrations increasing blood flow and circulation. I have noticed this on myself when going through phases of using the plate lots for my own workouts.

Bone density increase from the body’s natural reaction to whole body vibration. Lots of research has been done here and Power Plate® are often used in a physiotherapy setting across the globe to help specifically build bone density.

Post injury fitness recovery – from the combination of the above points it’s great to help you get back to fully fit.

Post natal fitness and recovery from birth – my specialism!

Increases energy. This I can personal vouch for as I live with Chronic Fatigue and often can be found using my Pro6 to help stretch me out and give me a ‘buzz’ (pun intended!).


The sessions I offer are 1:1 or 2:1 and use your own body weight and some equipment to help you reach your personal goals. As the sessions are short (30 mins or 45 mins) they are easier to fit into a hectic and busy lifestyle, and also great for mixing up any fitness regime. I specialise in post natal & female clients of all ages, meaning I have a ‘kids corner’ approach, so bringing your children is easy, allowing you even more flexibility in your workout regime. I love working with Power Plates® and I have seen some great results in my clients since I started being a Power Plate® instructor back in 2012.

Post Natal & Beyond?

The Pear Projects Post Natal & Beyond Power Plate® sessions are a great way for any new (and maybe not so new) mum to connect with her body, recover well and get into better shape post birth.



I tailor make the sessions to suit the individual mum and their birthing experience (c-section, assisted vaginal, unassisted vaginal). I work to create a fun, relaxed and private environment in which any mum can work on her personal recovery and fitness. The sessions are based at my Pear Projects Studio and are comprised of 1:1 or 2:1 30 minute or 45 minute sessions. I aim to make it as easy to fit into the busy life of being a new parent as possible! The bonus of these sessions (apart from the fantastic results) is the ability to bring along your baby (and any older siblings too) whilst you’re working out!

The Pear Projects Post Natal & Beyond sessions use functional movement and exercise to help realign and strengthen the body helping you take on motherhood and the demands this has on the body feeling like the warrior queen you are (not an exhausted maid)! The sessions will help to reconnect and strengthen the pelvic floor and aim to support any postural alterations that have occurred during your pregnancy. The sessions will also work towards burning fat, boost your energy (!), reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), increase your flexibility (or stability) and boost circulation, making any mummy feel great! A lot of post natal women worry about things such as having a ‘wobbly tummy’ and a ‘leaky pelvic floor’ (which affects 1 in 3 mothers post birth!) and these issues can be focused on during the sessions, and the results can be amazing.


The Power Plate® machine (and therefore whole body vibration training) unconsciously contracts the muscles of the body, including the pelvic floor, helping to achieve results faster. It is the perfect way for the post natal client to exercise – it is quick, easy and gives you an energy boost instead of draining you after a night of no sleep!

Sounds good and want to book on!?

If you haven’t had an initial consultation after your prescreening form we will use the majority of session 1 to do some simply but essential checks, for example looking at your tummy for Diastasis Recti gap, (which is a gap in the tummy muscles post baby), your overall core function, posture, old and new injuries whilst looking at your nutrition/hydration and of course your aims! You can book an initial consultation separately  for £25 providing a 30-45minute appointment.

You can start your journey by complete the pre screening form here.

Price for 30 min sessions:  

4 Sessions – £90

6 Sessions £135

8 sessions £180

10 sessions £225

12 sessions £270

Price for 45 min sessions:

4 Sessions – £134

6 Sessions – £201

8 Sessions £264

10 Sessions £335

12 Sessions £402

Venue: Pear Projects Studio in Pitstone. Full address given upon booking. These services are also available ONLINE at your home or venue, so if you own your own Power Plate® I can come to you virtually using Zoom! You will receive all the usual high standards from the session but without having to leaving the comfort of your home or place of work, a simple kit bag can also be sent to you at an extra charge. If you would like home sessions face to face, travel & time expenses must also be covered and so session prices are much higher.

Times: We can meet any time I am free within my Monday – Friday working week.

Sadly no refunds can be given so make sure you are able to complete the sessions prior to booking your place. In the case of having to cancel a 1:1 session you must notify me with 24 hours notice, thereafter the session will be deemed as a ‘late cancel’ and used, if you can let me know within this time frame the session can be rescheduled. Your sessions expire after 90 days.