Pear Projects Tribe

Welcome to Pear Projects Tribe!

Pear Projects Tribe is a secret Facebook group hosting a library of over 160+ videos of ‘my style workouts’ for you to enjoy at home!

The bulk of the workouts will be low impact and core and pelvic floor safe (but challenging) with some progressions and regressions added in to help tailor the workout to you and your ability.

Access to the group with all it’s content will cost £12.99 a month!

What you get:

  • Over 160 workouts waiting for you to use.
  • New workouts added sporadically focusing on a range of areas/issues/goals such as arms, fat burning, legs, core which you can repeat or mix and match to create your own longer workouts.
  • Easy to follow video’s for safe, yummy stretching.
  • Support and encouragement for all participants.
  • Facebook ‘Live’ workouts to follow or watch back in your own time.
  • A fun, relaxed, supportive group of like minded women to share and encourage each other.
  • Quick guided meditations for busy women.
  • Safe exercise for your pelvic floor and core.
  • Low impact exercise that you can squeeze into your busy day with high impact options for those who want to try, and low impact options for those who want it.
  • Me, a real woman, huffing, puffing and guiding/doing the workouts too!

Who is it suitable for:

  • Busy women who want to be able to open facebook and have a range of workouts waiting for them to follow.
  • Women who are post natal and beyond who might be unable to get to class and want to workout at home.
  • Women who have low level/degree of prolapse and want to workout safely at home.
  • Women who have core or pelvic floor dysfunction and want to workout safely at home.
  • Women who want to start to exercise but unsure where to start or perhaps women who dislike a gym environment.
  • Women who want inspiration for safe exercise towards their core and pelvic floor.
  • Clients who would like an extra session (or two) but life logistics get in the way.
  • Clients who want to have the material available for when they return to work after time off/maternity leave.

As my main focus and specialism is with the pelvic floor and core safe exercise population so you will notice a theme of safe practise for this throughout the workouts. If you are after workouts full of only exercises such as burpees, star jumps, planks PPT is not for you. I’ll still get you sweating but without huge amounts of jumping!

Click here to find the pre screening form or complete it below. I must receive your form prior to adding you into the Facebook group, just simply fill it out and hit ‘submit’. This will help me bespoke the workouts that are put into the group and make sure that what I aim to do is safe for you! Upon submitting the form please use the Paypal button below to start your rolling subscription. Please note no refunds but you can cancel at any time and this library of workouts is hosted purely on Facebook so you must have an account already.

Fill out my online form.