Happy Clients

You can see a wealth of testimonials on the HCR® website here… Whilst you can see and read some from ladies who have work with me below.


‘I’ve have worked with Sarah for many years after the birth of both my boys! The Holistic Core Restore® course is just fabulous and meant I could go back to my usual way of training with no concerns. Sarah is THE friendliest person and just so knowledgable! I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know!’

Massive improvement all over my body. More toned and more confident!’

‘Toned up around my waist, slipped disk has more support and I can walk much farther!’

‘Sarah is more than fantastic. Each session was tailored to meet my needs, I always felt refreshed & empowered after my time with Sarah, she is such a grounding, kind and heartfelt individual who clearly is passionate about what she does. At no point did I feel any topic was off bounds, a true confidant who helped me see and get in touch with my body.

I have a far better understanding of how my body works & what I need to do in order to look after my health.
For anyone out there who is embarrassed or doesn’t know who to turn to, talk to Sarah at Pear Projects, turn to those that can help. Finding Pear Projects shows me that there is the right help out there, and that these women care deeply about helping you.’

J.D, 29 and 1:1 client

Zoe – a two time mum and amazing Doula who did the course 1:1 gearing her up to improve her overall fitness and get her running!

I ran 5k with my friend on Tuesday and I noticed a definite improvement with my PF. It was an enjoyable run rather than feeling like I needed to pee the whole way round lol! So great news and thanks again for all your help! … … p.s I’m still making sure I have filling, nutritious lunches! I’m into avacado and eggs at the moment :-)’

S.D, mum of 1, 1:1 course

I have made a fab connection with my pelvic floor, I don’t pee when I sneeze and I can feel confident now. My instructor was truly lovely, really encouraging and supportive during the days in between my sessions…Don’t delay with thinking you’ll sort out your pelvic in your own time use the 6 week programme to kick start the exercises and feel in control and confident.’

Z.D, mum of 2, 1:1 course

‘My diastasis has noticeably healed (was a 3 finger tummy gap to start with). Sarah did an amazing job and tailored the 6 week programme perfectly to best meet my needs with fantastic results!’

L.M, mum of 2, 1:1 course

‘My pelvic floor strength noticeably improved in just a few weeks which is such a short space of time compared to how long it’s taken me to gain strength just doing kegels. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone about my issues who could then give me advice because there really isn’t a lot of help out there for women. Surprisingly I also found it really relaxing which is great when you are a busy Mum! Just to stress that this isn’t a course that is going to teach you how to do a basic Kegel, I was really impressed with the exercises & how quickly I gained strength.’

C.L, post natal, group course

‘[I] Have more control over pelvic floor…getting the connection with the right muscles and knowing that I was doing the exercises correctly. Knowledgable instructor who does not make you feel embarrassed about your problem’

K.H, 1:1 course

Great benefit. Less visits to the toilet and back pain has subsided…how friendly Sarah was made it so enjoyable.’

S.M, mum to many kids! Group course

‘[the course was] Very beneficial, although heavily pregnant I now have improved pelvic floor control and I hope this will assist me when my labour starts. Learning that I could isolate the pelvic floor muscles and then do the exercises [was great]. Also feeling improvement week on week. I had 1:1 classes but did attend one group class which I enjoyed immensely. It was good to chat to other ladies about the exercises etc.’

T.W, pregnant with 2nd child during her 1:1 course

‘I learnt how to exercise my pelvic floor, I have been using the exercises as I am pregnant and I plan to continuing post labour. I find it a lot better than Kegels to find out if you are really exercising. It was great to meet other people and hear different experiences. The set of exercises were challenging and I felt you have make a positive impact after an hour. It is nice to find sometime a week for yourself as well, without thinking about work, the house… … I thought the programme was very useful for me… …. Sarah was very encouraging along the way and the weekly challenges were effective. I understand a lot better now when I am working my pelvic floor properly and can see the improvements.’

M.R, expecting her first baby at the time of the course

‘The course was fantastic. Sarah was a great ambassador, making us feel very relaxed and at ease, I can’t praise her highly enough! The course has benefited me a number of ways – certainly made me more aware of my pelvic floor and ‘in touch’ wth it again – and realising how what I do, eat etc has an impact on it. I feel more confident now that if I need to go for a wee it’s not as urgent as it was before and I can certainly hold it for longer. Exercise in general feels easier now… … One other tangible added benefit is the first time I had my period during the course – a bit detailed, but I felt that the tampon was more ‘clamped’ than previously and less likely to fall out. A sensation anyone who has had a child will understand!’

C.N. 41, mum

‘A lovely teacher that genuinely cared and catered for our individual needs. Small classes, and a good venue. All exercises were simple and manageable. Homework was realistic and not time consuming.’

A.H, 40, mum

‘It provided a very non-threatening and relaxing situation to tackle one of the most embarrassing problems I have experienced. I got to meet other women who also suffered the same problem, and Sarah was so reassuring that we were doing well, it really gave us the confidence to speak about such a ‘taboo’ subject’

The same client after giving birth

‘…Well I had my baby girl and only pushed for 3 mins! I really think the HCR® exercises made so much difference, I would almost go as far as to say it was easy to push her out, my muscles seemed to have super human strength this time! One slight issue though I have gone and got sciatica… … I’ve been going to the osteopath which has really helped, he has said the best thing I can do for it is to do pelvic floor exercises! So glad I took your classes. Thank You! xxx’

J.W  – 29 weeks pregnant with her second child when starting the 6 week course

 ‘ The course has been Amazing, I feel so much better in myself. My posture is better … my pelvic floor feels stronger and it’s been so much fun to be able to talk to women with the same problems and be able to share experiences while exercising. Sarah is kind and understanding and we have all been able to have fun and get to know each other in our short six weeks, this is not just for 6 weeks it’s a life style change and I will be doing the exercises at home, I have been spreading the word about the course with all women I meet, it’s gentle but effective exercises and so worth the money’

S.M – 47 mother of 6 (youngest 11 years of age)

 ‘I loved the atmosphere we had during our meetings. With great ladies in my group and a superb ambassador I felt relaxed, focused, not embarrassed at all (and I felt like that before). After only few week of this program I felt stronger and more in control and that gave me a further motivation to do homework at least few times a week. I was so embarrassed and down that at my age (33) I have this problem. I’m so happy that I learnt so much about pelvic floor muscles and don’t have to live with this problem . Thanks Sarah!’

J.S – 33 mother of 2