Happy Clients

As you can imagine not many of my clients want to have their tummy’s all over a local website so here is the link to the HCR® gallery. 

‘Sarah has helped me so much with my diastasis after my second child. Her Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis course was the perfect solution for me and she gave me back my confidence. I loved our weekly sessions!’

Emma, mum of 2 !

This picture shows the before and after images of a young mum who had two children very close together. We met during a Holistic Core Restore® course and she came to me a few weeks after her 6 week check up. She wasn’t suffering with a massively wide diastasis but the gap was very very soft! Her diastasis has massively improved over our time together, notice her new posture too, all improving her pelvic floor strength, back pain, sciatic pain and upper crossed syndrome.  Overall a fantastic result! 


Here’s a shot video from the above client sharing her first hand experience!