Happy Clients

I seem to have more movement. It was such a lovely relaxing massage. I slept really well last night. Thank you so much!

Such a caring therapist. Instantly makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. In tune with my needs and delivered a bespoke treatment accordingly. The effects stayed with me all evening and I slept so well! Thank you Sarah!

I have felt really good since the massage, it definitely loosened my whole back and shoulder and released a lot of tension. I would definitely recommend and I’ll be back too! 

Thank you so much for my professional treatment yesterday and taking my problem areas on board. You managed to work on all of the areas that were bothering me most and made me feel super relaxed. I have taken your home care advice on board so thank you for my salts and ball I really appreciate it! 

The massage was wonderful and my stomach felt a lot “freer” ! Trying to practice my breathing as much as I can remember!

Sarah is a very talented sports massage therapist. She puts you instantly at ease and listens to what you have to say. Her treatment plan considers your body as a whole, as a result she has enabled me to move more freely over the past few months. Highly recommend.

Thank you again for my massage, I noticed the difference immediately and it was great to be able to get out of the car easier when I got home, something I had not even noticed was an issue beforehand!

‘Sarah is an amazing therapist with a fabulous touch. She really focuses on your problem areas and get results!’

‘I really felt the benefit from the massage Sarah. I was certainly relaxed that evening and felt relief in my hip tension also. I think given it was our first treatment you read my body well.’


I definitely felt the massage helped. I certainly felt better- easier to move around and less creaky

I had an absolutely amazing massage. I felt so at home in your wee studio and didn’t feel awkward/uncomfortable at any point. You really know how to put people at ease and also explained what you were going to focus on or info about what tools you were going to use etc which was really helpful.

Thanks for the massage, it was relaxing and beneficial for my back and shoulders.

I have felt really good since the massage, it definitely loosened my whole back and shoulder and released a lot of tension. I would definitely recommend and I’ll be back too! 

Thanks for the massage on Friday. I think my tummy felt more relaxed the next day and I felt like the lower half changed shape slightly

I’m all good today no sore or tender bits. Hips, lower back and legs much looser and more ease of movement today, so thank you, 

I’m honestly shocked (and slightly freaked out) by how much looser my shoulders and back feel today. You’re a wizard!! Seriously thinking I might need to book some more massages with you, I’ve no aches or pains today, just feel good.

I thought the massage was fantastic, and the fact that you explained what you were doing and why all the way through was great (something that I’ve always found seriously lacking with previous treatments elsewhere). It was very reassuring and informative, I really felt comfortable and at ease and that I was in good hands!

Massage was great as usual. Felt a bit achy this morning but that soon wore off. Been wearing my trainers as recommended which was bliss!

I’m feeling so much better today. The leg is the best it’s been for weeks, so much improved

Many thanks for my wonderful massage yesterday. This morning my injury is feeling so much better which has made me feel very positive, as I’m hoping this “niggle” is going to be short lived. Have to say that your rehab exercise advice was spot on. Not only did you take the time to explain what I should be doing but you also demonstrated the exercises so no chance of getting it wrong or forgetting.

My shoulders, back & neck felt so much better after the massage. It was only afterwards I realised how tight and uncomfortable it all was. 
I’m going to try & keep up a ‘maintenance’ massage regularly, to keep  everything in working order

Your venue is beautiful and the massage was lovely.