Happy Clients

‘I have been working with Sarah for almost three years. I started when recovering from my second c-section and now see her on a regular personal training basis. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are fantastic. She is always happy to focus on my areas of concern and push me harder when I need it! I can’t recommend her enough.’

Sarah mum of 2 boys

Here is Clare giving us a testimonial about returning to me after having her second little girl.




Here is Farah who came to me shortly after the birth of her first child. We worked together for 6 weeks before she had to head back to work. Her diastasis improved but also her overall fitness and strength level increased massively!


Hear what Caroline has to say about the Pear Projects Post Natal Power Plate® course. She is a mother of two young boys and first came to see what’s what in the summer of 2013, when her youngest son was about a year old. Caroline arrived with a wide 2 finger tummy gap which has been taken down to a ‘barely there’ 1 finger and solid as a rock!

Hear from Sarah who started training with me also in the summer of 2013. She came to me straight after her 6 week check up and we set to work. In a short time we closed a two finger diastasis gap to a basically completely closed tummy gap which was super firm! A great achievement! In the winter 2013 she started to run again (slowly and not far to start with) but with confidence!