Mums – HIIT

Mums-HIIT is a fantastic expert led 30 minute small group LOW IMPACT but High Intensity Interval Training class. Finally after months of amazing classes online only, I am now able to offer this class ONLINE, and IN STUDIO from September 2020.

I started these classes to provide a quick but sweaty fitness class specifically for the busy post natal mum… however as time has gone on and it’s evolved over the years my clients started to enjoy staying on well past that initial few months or first year. I now advertise it as a post natal and beyond class… that welcomes ANY woman including those who have no children or those who have older children, teens on even grandchildren!

Using a wealth of low impact exercises we will targeting the whole body, we will be burning fat well after the class has finished without a burpee or star jump in sight! We’ll pay specific attention to the core and pelvic floor, working hard but safely from whatever and whenever your birth experience was, being mindful of whatever reason it is you wish to join me!

Welcoming ANY ability we’ll push that fitness to the next level, leaving you feeling energised and confident!

Due to the nature of the content I build, this class can be safe for ALL birth experiences, including women who might be suffering with low levels of prolapse, diastasis gaps and pelvic floor dysfunction. You are welcome to join if you are healing/healed well from 6 weeks post non assisted delivery and 12 weeks for c sections or if you have suffered with a high level tearing. Please note that if I feel the class isn’t exactly the correct place for you I will say and point you towards something more appropriate (such as Holistic Core Restore® or assessment from one of my linked Women’s Health Physiotherapists). Women who gave birth YEARS ago or perhaps don’t have children but want a sweaty pelvic floor and core safe workout are extremely welcome.

When Mums-HIIT is face to face the class holds a maximum of 6 ladies per session on a Monday night and provides marked out socially distanced spaces. If you wish to join me for an online pass only you join me live on Zoom with the in studio girls beside or behind the camera which will be set up to follow me huffing and puffing along with you all! Using amazing technology I can keep a close motivational eye on not only those in front of my in the studio but also those who are at home working on zoom too!

I do this purposefully so that it creates a relaxed non intimidating atmosphere where anyone can come and work hard whilst having fun. We really are like a little team and I love teaching like this! I also feel very passionate about being able to know each of my clients and the reasons behind why they are there, for example their birthing experience/s and what their goals are. For this reason I also deeply screen each client before she starts. To support all of this I also host a support group on Facebook where each ‘lockdown workout’ was streamed and saved for you to watch back and revisit for as long as you are part of the Mums-HIIT class! This is perfect if you are running late one evening or would like to get more than one workout in a week!

Mums-HIIT uses very little space & kit/equipment but you can purchase a kit bag with all the essentials in from me prior to starting the course. Please message me at the point of booking should you need one or want to learn more. If you come to the face to face classes, to help with cleaning and swiftly existing the room, I will ask you to bring your own kit and mat where possible and of course if at home to workout safely and with your kit.

My Mums-HIIT classes are endorsed, recommended, enjoyed and supported by local Women’s Health Physiotherapists. 

Where: Online at home using zoom OR in person (only 6 places) at The Studio (3 Boss Avenue, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SD).

When: Monday’s 7.15-7.45pm starting 7th September until and including 19th Oct (7 weeks in total)

Price: £70 for in studio class pass. £49 for an online class pass.

You can always join ‘late’ if there is space both in studio and online so do contact me directly if you would like to join from any point in the course. Email me here

How to book: Simply complete the pre-screening form here. Upon thoroughly reading this through I will send payment details OR you can purchase using the information below. Beware I might have further questions for you.

You can purchase one of the 6 IN STUDIO (face to face) class passes here.

You can purchase an ONLINE ONLY class pass here

Please contact me directly if you wish to join the class after we have started. 

*Please note you MUST complete the prescreening as mentioned above, I sadly cannot allow anyone into the class without this being done.