Corona Virus Options

During these unprecedented times of the Covid -19 outbreak I am here to help provide you with some consistency and normality. When it comes to your health, fitness, movement and exercise, I’ve got your back… all from the comfort of your own home! Below you can find details of the sessions I am running online or in person. Please note that I am on a loose maternity leave until Summer 2022 when I will be opening up more options/times and appointments!

1:1 Bespoke Sessions

Pregnancy fitness & normal fitness training for all women

30 or 45 minute sessions that can focus on what you want or need – sweaty low impact fitness, in person or online Power Plate®, functional and relaxing stretching out or maybe a mixture!? You can buy packages of 4, 6, 8, 10 or even 12 sessions with 30 minute sessions being an investment of £22.50 per session, or 45 minutes is an investment of just £33.50 per bespoke session. Sessions are conducted live using Zoom or face to face at my home studio in Pitstone. I am able to post out little kit bags of equipment to aid your sessions if needed. Email to find out what gaps my diary has to offer and book!

Holistic Core Restore®

All the Holistic Core Restore® programmes can be delivered to their usual high standard online or face to face! I will screen you slightly differently if opting for online only making sure the initial checks are all done thoroughly. Holistic Core Restore® sessions are normal 45-60 minutes this allows me the ability to bespoke and adapt your programming as your sessions progress, watch you move, adjust you and feedback in real time. The prices are found with all the information on each different programmes page but start here to see which programme might suit you best.

Pear Projects Tribe

My Facebook based workout library has over 200 sessions waiting for you to enjoy. At just £12.99 a month via PayPal and with a rolling contract this is my cheapest and most accessible option to workout with me! You can complete the pre screening form and start your subscription here.

Classes, Workshop and Events


Mums-HIIT is my weekly low impact HIIT class which welcomes all women, especially those that are post natal and beyond, or those after a sweaty but pelvic floor and core safe class. I normally teach one class, on a Monday night at 7.30pm-8pm. You are also welcome join a Facebook support group allowing you to revisit loads of past lockdown workouts whenever you are free. These sessions are sold in monthly batches. You can find out more here or email me to get screened (if new) or booked on to the latest course.

Holistic Core Restore® Rel-Ease short courses/workshops

Rel-Ease is a gorgeous investment for your general wellbeing. These sessions are dedicated to simple stretches, mobilising movement, breathing and relaxation. A fabulous way to bring calm and relaxation into your body and mind without having to leave your house! You can find out more about when these are and book here. Please note these sessions can be conducted 1:1 online too and are sold in batches of 4 or 6 sessions.

Asa Retreats

Covid-19 won’t stop Amy, Ali and I from delivering our wonderful Asa Retreats events!  You can find out more and book by visiting our Asa Retreats website –


Please note I have limited spaces whilst I enjoy my baby – Monday night HIIT, Wednesday massage at 4.30pm, Thursday’s 9.30-3.45pm and Saturday massage appointments is all I am currently offering until summer 2022.