A holistic approach to female centric sports/remedial massage.

 The massage element to Pear Projects brings together my movement knowledge & hands on techniques, deliberately there to support and boost all of my other offerings. It can go hand in hand with my exercise services or as a stand alone offering.

Having worked for so long with women it became clear that to help support my clients fully & give them the best results I can Sports Massage would become a fantastic string to my bow. My Level 3 Sports Massage certificate enables me to help my clients:

Feel looser and more mobile all over.

Relieve pain, aches and tension.

Reduce anxiety and stress and to help create better sleep.

Increase flexibility and movement, helping you to go about your day with more ease.

Support recovery from pregnancy, diastasis recti, sports injury or accidents.

Get the best performance out of your body in general life or during your favourite sporting hobby.

When thinking about sports massage most people think you have to be an athlete to partake as the client and if you do book one it must be really painful to fix the aches, pains or issues you have!

Now first things first – if you think of sports massage as just a massage that is there to help create better mobility, circulation, ease tension, aches, pains, aid posture, help us function better and feel more relaxed, you can soon see it is actually for EVERYONE!

I won’t bore you with the science of it but a sports massage should NEVER hurt – we need to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system so actually we want to avoid pain if we can to get the most beneficial results! If we can do that we’ll help your overall health and wellbeing whilst hopefully easing the issue you came with!

Sports massage can really help those day to day aches all the way through to supporting rehabilitation out of an injury or illness, to help prep for a sporting event, or just keep you feeling great!

I offer massages for 45 or 60 mins and for women only.

I also offer a 90 min post natal specific massage and the option to purchase 3 massages in one to go to help you really invest in your wellness. 

Within your first appointment we’ll chat through and complete a thorough pre screening form which I will prompt you to start prior to booking your time slot with me. You can find a link for this form below. This might seem unusual but it’ll help me give you the best treatment I can and make sure I am indeed the correct practitioner for you before we even met – it’ll also create more hands on time! Expect to spend 5-15 mins of the first session finishing this as it could include a postural assessment, perhaps a look at your gait and maybe some range of motion tests. In any subsequent sessions this won’t take as long if needed at all.

What you might also find unusual is that I will prompt payment prior to meeting you (unlike most beauty salons). There are several reasons for this but the main one is because as soon as you send through your screening form I am working on your treatment plan, which is bespoke for each client, and each session.


45 mins of bespoke massage: £45

3 x 45 mins: £121.50

60 mins of bespoke massage: £55

3 x 60 mins: £148.50


The Post Natal Massage: £90

This deluxe post natal package is 90 mins of ‘you time’. It contains a blissful (at least) 60 minute bespoke massage tackling the post natal body ‘hot spots’.

We’ll also do …

  • A postural assessment.
  • A thorough core and Diastasis Recti assessment.
  • ‘Easy to follow and do alongside a new baby’ guidance on core & pelvic floor reconnection & strengthen.
  • Yummy easy to follow home-care to ease any stiff joints or other issues.

The massage might including the tummy, the shoulders & neck, maybe the legs and feet or forearms – whatever you need. It’ll take a relaxing holistic approach whilst helping with the typical aches, pains and stiffness that come after pregnancy and giving birth. This deluxe care package can be done a few weeks after giving birth vaginally and I like to leave it about 12 weeks with a c section to help you feel more comfortable with any laying on your front. Your new baby can come too, giving you the flexibility to come without needing to arrange childcare!

If you want to give this as a wonderful gift to a new mum please email me ( to arrange an email voucher – T&C’s will still apply.


The Maintenance Massage: £55

The maintenance massage is a yummy 60 min tummy, lower back and shoulders based massage built specifically with busy women in mind!

How to book?

Start the booking process by completing part 1 of the pre-screening here. This will then be looked through thoroughly and will prompt me to message with appointment time options. Once you are booked in your confirmation email will include a ‘pay here’ button. Please note payment secures your appointment and must be paid for in advance.

These above prices include all the thorough pre screening, postural assessments, a lovely bespoke massage and any aftercare deemed useful to your overall wellness. Please note sessions expire after 90 days (including packages unless previously agreed).

I also work to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.