Pregnancy Fitness

After working with pregnant women during Holistic Core Restore® courses it became quickly apparent to me that I wanted to be able to provide fitness sessions for pregnant women that pushed them safely, getting them ready for birth and beyond. I offer 1:1 and 2:1  pregnancy training sessions. Theses sessions will all start with a pre-screening so I know exactly how your pregnancy is progessing and where you’re body is at.

The sessions will provide the following:

imageKeep and maintain your fitness whilst working out in a safe and productive manor.

Preparing your body for the massive event of giving birth!

Helping to work against detrimental postural changes that occur to the body during pregnancy.

Helping to set the body up for the post natal period.

Keeping the core and pelvic floor as strong and connected as possible.

Helping mums to feel confident during a time when image is not completely in their control!

Providing a supportive and friendly environment in which to work up a good sweat whilst knowing that you and your baby are safe.


Want some sessions?

Where: Pear Projects Studio or your house (the cost is higher for a home visit).

How much: Sessions are 30 mins so easy to fit into your busy day…

PAYG is £25 

6 sessions £125 

12 sessions £250

Pregnancy Fitness

If you would like to have the sessions at your house please contact me directly for a quote on cost and travel. Unfortunately I can’t offer a refund but please note that you can swap them for post natal power plate® sessions at Pear Projects Studio within 6 months of giving birth.