Power Plate® – Post Natal & Beyond

The Pear Projects Post Natal Power Plate® sessions are a great way for any new (and maybe not so newly post natal) mum to get back into shape post birth.

I tailor make the sessions to suit the individual mum and their birthing experience (C-section, assisted vaginal, unassisted vaginal) and I work to create a fun and relaxed (and private) environment in which any mum can start to work on recovery and fitness. The courses are based at Pear Projects Studio and are comprised of 1:1 30min sessions once or twice a week. I aim to make it as easy to fit into the hectic life of being a new parent as possible! The bonus of these sessions (apart from the fantastic results) is the ability to bring along your baby (and any older siblings) whilst you workout!

The Pear Projects Post Natal course uses functional movement to help realign and strengthen the body ready to take on motherhood and the demands this has on the body. The workouts will help to reconnect and strengthen the pelvic floor and to correct any postural alterations that have occurred during pregnancy. The sessions will also work towards burning fat, reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone), increasing flexibility and circulation and making any mummy feel great! A lot of post natal women worry about things such as having a ‘wobbly tummy’ and a ‘leaky pelvic floor’ (which affects 1 in 3 mothers post birth!), these can be focused on during the sessions and the results can be amazing.


The Power Plate® machine (and therefore whole body vibration training) unconsciously contracts the muscles of the body, including the pelvic floor, it helps to achieve results faster and is perfect for the post natal client as it’s quick, easy and gives you an energy boost instead of draining you after a night of no sleep!

Sounds good and want to book on!?

An initial consultation after your pre screening form will check for Diastasis Recti, (which is a gap in the tummy muscles), core function, post baby posture, pre pregnancy injuries whilst looking at your nutrition and of course your aims! You can get any amount of sessions. Most opt to start with 12 sessions and you can start your journey by complete the pre screening form below! You can complete the pre-screening form here.


6 Sessions – £125

12 sessions (6 week course) – £250

24 sessions (12 week course) – £500

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Venue: Pear Projects Studio in Pitstone

Times: We can meet any time I am free! Normally this means mornings, late afternoons, or Thursday evening.

Unfortunately NO refunds are given but sessions can be rearranged if cancelled with 24 hours notice, sessions expiry after 6 months.

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