Power Plate® Pause & Plus+

Welcome to Power Plate Pause & Power Plate Plus+!

Power Plate Pause is a great way to get all the benefits that a Power Plate® has to offer without committing to a hardcore all body workout, instead it is aimed at total relaxation and restoring the body. Power Plate Pause is available for;

Releasing stiff & sore muscles and joints.

Combatting the modern lifestyle of hours spent sat in the car, in front of a desk, on the tube or on the sofa.

Focusing on leaving the client feeling rested, yet energised.

Increasing bone density

Increasing circulation throughout the body (and improving the lymphatic drainage system).

Good for decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Increasing flexibility so great for those working with an injury or wanting to return to exercise.

The older client, or those less mobile.

To bridge the gap between birth and returning to exercise safely.

ANYONE who wants to give back to their hard working body

We spend our session incorporating the Power Plate® into stretches influenced from my dance degrees alongside my fitness and wellness training. We also spend time using the vibrations given off by the Power Plate® to massage those tired muscles, leaving the client feeling great! With relaxing music playing, soft lighting and the wonderful vibration massage at the end I’d highly recommend this to anyone!


Rest, restore, rebalance, rejuvenate!


Power Plate Plus+ is all of the above but after a hardcore 25mins of HIIT work whilst incorporating the Power Plate®! Great for fat burning and then rewarding the body for 15mins of cooling down and recharging! This is probably the hardest and then most rewarding thing you could squeeze into 45 minutes! We work in 5 minute blocks separating each minute into work and rest periods (for example 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest) – therefore torching fat stores, toning muscles, increasing stamina and of course targeting those areas we’re most conscious of! Power Plate Plus+ would be a great option for cross training whilst preparing for races, or for those working towards an event (wedding, party, holiday).



Want to have a go?

Power Plate Pause can be used as a full 30min slot or to mix and match with your normal Power Plate sessions depending on how you feel when you arrive for your session.

Power Plate Pause

Power Plate Plus+ is a fantastic and challenging 25min HIIT Power Plate® session with an extra 15min at the end used to stretch, release, recharge and reconnect the body… still with the much loved extended vibration massage to end of the session! This is it’s own session and is booked individually or in a block or 5 or more (gaining 10% discount). Don’t forget that you can just mix and match this in with your normal 30min session, you just don’t have the extended massage at the end!

Power Plate Plus+

NO REFUNDS are given. In the case of having to cancel a session you must notify me by 10pm the night before for a 9-midday session, or by midday on the day, for an afternoon/evening session. Thereafter the session will be deemed as a ‘late cancel’ and used, if you can let me know within those time frames the session can be rescheduled.