Movement Mobility

Movement Mobility sessions have been around since 2010. The sessions started as a hobby for me but they are now the back bone of Pear Projects. These gentle seated exercises classes can be found in over 17 residential and care homes in the Dunstable, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, Houghton Reigis, Leighton Buzzard, Berkhamsted and Chesham areas (check out the map).

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The sessions are named ‘Movement Mobility’ as they draw upon my dance background. I hold a BA (Hons) Degree in Dance and a Masters Degree in Dance Performance, both from The University of Chichester.

The classes gently work the muscles throughout the body to build strength, coordination and flexibility in the participants. I manipulate the exercises in each session to meet the needs of those in attendance and the entire class is seated. Therefore, wheel chair bound, disabled and older adults that are able to walk unaided are all able to participate together!

Repetition and subtle developments within the exercises are used to push movement memory and confidence within the whole group. The sessions are finished with the use of some equipment including a gym ball and resistance band. These are used by the participants to cover a few seemingly simple strengthening exercises and to have ‘a gentle kick around’. This part of the class is primarily there to help simulate and improve hand/eye and foot/eye coordination (and strength),  it always generates involvement in the most hostile and withheld participants… but most importantly everyone has FUN!!


‘She [Sarah] attends the home once a week on a Wednesday morning, the residents, myself and other members of staff have enjoyed these weekly exercise sessions immensely. Our residents have progressed and shown marked improvements with their movement and capabilities since having these sessions. Sarah has proven to be an excellent teacher, patient, passionate about her work and her interaction with the residents is unsurpassable.’

Jackie Crawley – St Mary’s Nursing Centre (Activities Co-ordinator)


‘Sarah visits us once a week and the residents love her sessions! We have found them to be highly beneficial and very stimulating for our residents.’

Jean Flanagan – Sharnbrook Lodge Care Home (Manager)


‘Sarah has been visiting our care home every 2 weeks for over a year now. Our residents really look forward to her mobility sessions as she is full of life and makes the exercise class fun and enjoyable. We believe it’s important that Sarah visits regularly as some of our residents have dementia and need the routine to remember, a few even recognise her now which is great!

Other residents within our home know Sarah quite well now, finding her classes more involving than others we’ve had in the past, they particularly enjoy the ball games at the end. Sarah is a very person centred individual, always asking how everyone is doing and how they are feeling, which makes a big difference.’

Hannah Pegley – Knoll House (Deputy Manager)



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