Holistic Core Restore® Rel-Ease ONLINE

Holistic Core Restore® Rel-Ease workshops & short courses; a gift to yourself!

After these sessions you will be more mobile, less stiff, feeling chilled out, relaxed, recharged & calm.

Come and join me to help unwind physically and mentally. Allow yourself time to work through any aches and stiffness encouraging it to leave your body, and instead welcome in mobility and feelings of calm. You deserve to recharge and relax.

Gentle but focused stretching combined with targeted and specific movements will tease out those aches and pains, reduce tightness and help release unwanted tension. By taking our time, working slowly and with focus, we will be shining a spotlight on the connection we have to our bodies, all whilst moving towards improving our mobility and flexibility.

You will leave a Rel-Ease session feeling grounded and at ease.

Using soothing movements, calming breathing, and simple guided meditation we will learn to slow down our minds and welcome in feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Working through the head, shoulders, knees and toes (without ignoring the eyes, ears, mouth and nose of course!) you will enjoy seeing how my favourite, but simple to follow, exercises and stretches will help recharge your batteries.

This class is ideal for anyone wanting to carve out a little piece of calm for themselves.

I feel Rel-Ease can help and add significant value to your self care strategies, especially for to those fighting the fight against stress, anxiety or depression before we even consider bodily aches, stiffness, pain or tiredness. All adults are welcome including early post natal women*.

The next event will be a short course


7.45-8.30/8.45pm ONLINE

£32 per household

You will need a free Zoom account which you can download from app store or by visiting www.zoom.us. You can book your place below – however if you are a new client to me you must complete the thorough pre screening form found here. Each participant must do this ahead of their first session.

Upon completing the form I will email you back with the secure link to make payment or you can use the secure booking button below. 

*This workshop is not suitable for c sections mums in the early phases of healing; the first 8-12 weeks. This is because we might spend time laying on our fronts and using movements which might not feel ‘safe’ in or around your new c section scar. Please contact me directly if you wish to come and are within this timeframe.

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