Holistic Core Restore® Heat

Heat is a fat burning class that is pelvic floor and core safe whilst leaving you feeling energised and great!


Holistic Core Restore® Heat is the perfect stepping stone after Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman, it’ll raise your heart rate, burn fat, tone your whole body all whilst being safe for your pelvic floor and your core!

The 45min session will work you hard, refreshing the Holistic Core Restore® principles, ensure you’re reminded of the breathe work, nutrition, optimal posture, all whilst staying connected and in control of your body. We’ll warm up and cool off with some great releases making sure we leave our stressful day at the door, giving ourselves time to focus on US! Proudly a ‘no jump zone’ but still kick starting the metabolism ensuring calorie burning even after the class is over.

With ongoing bespoke support between sessions and the occasional topical treat this isn’t your average fitness class


Where, When, How much!?

Where: The Studio, Leighton Buzzard

When: Mon 9th Jan for 5 weeks

How much: £45 for the 5 weeks block