Holistic Core Restore® Express


Holisitc Core Restore® Express is a fantastic string to the Pear Projects bow – all the amazing connection, strengthening, education and support that is provided through the original Holistic Core Restore® 6 week course but incorporating Whole Body Vibration using Power Plates®!

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The 1:1 6 week course works with the exercises offered in the Holisitic Core Restore® programme that are specifically designed to reconnect and strengthen the pelvic floor and core, yet for Holistic Core Restore® Express these are modified and performed on the Power Plate®. My Holistic Core Restore® Express is here to help provide strength and connection to the pelvic floor, restore the core (especially if you suffer with diastasis – tummy gap) all whilst toning the entire female body!

As Holistic Core Restore® Express uses the Power Plate® it can produce better results in less time. Whilst using a plate you burn more calories, tone all your muscles (not just the pelvic floor and core), massively boost blood flow to the whole body, increase flexibility and mobility all in a one session a week (perfect for busy women…and who isn’t busy!?)! If you are after more science about how the Power Plate® gets faster results… check out the Power Plate® website!


As Holistic Core Restore® Express is delivered 1:1 we progress at your bodies pace and work in a totally focused way all whilst being time efficient! You are provided with the amazing contents of the Holistic Core Retore® kit made up of a ball, bands and booklet alongside access to our online portal with more exercise and nutritional information. The online portal and the kit make it easy to practice a few simple and time easy exercises at home (off a Power Plate®) making this course an option to everyone!

This course is delivered at Pear Projects Studio, however if you are lucky enough to own your Power Plate® I’d be happy to travel to you (for a slightly higher price).

 Sounds great but unsure if it’s for you?

This course is great for any woman at any time of life – if you are;

Post natal

Want a stronger more connected body

Not so newly post natal (anything from a tot to a teen)

Menopausal (post or pre)

Suffer with ‘ooops’ moments when running, jumping, laughing etc


Healed after a c-section birth or other gynecological surgery

If you are pregnant or suffering with varying degrees of prolapse Power Plate® isn’t for you right now, but don’t panic… book yourself in to the Bump or Every Women offerings instead.

How to book you place?

Find my details on the contact page and get hold of me! We’ll have a chat and get you to complete the compulsory online pelvic health questionnaire and set up our time and day!

Cost: £275

Where: Pear Projects Studio (Pitstone), if you have your own Power Plate® I am happy to travel to you within a 30min radius for £325 plus 44p per mile of travel.

Sadly no refunds can be given so make sure you are able to complete the sessions prior to booking your place – if in a group they can not be transferred unless arranged privately at an extra cost. In the case of having to cancel a 1:1 session you must notify me with 24 hours notice, thereafter the session will be deemed as a ‘late cancel’ and used, if you can let me know within this time frame the session can be rescheduled. Sessions have a 3 month expiry unless privately arranged.